Main Development Achievement

Block A-18

        Block A-18 Gas Field is located offshore in the lower part of the Gulf of Thailand approximately 150 km Northeast to Kota Bharu and 160 km East of Narathiwat in water-depth of about 60 meters in contract area of Block A-18 in the Joint Development Area. Block A-18 field development project consists of 12 wellhead platforms (CKA, CKB, CKC, CKD, BLC, BLB, BLC, BMA, BMB, BMD, SYA and SYB), Central Processing Platform & Living Quarters (CKP), Riser Platform (CKR) and FSO (Puteri Cakerawala). Committed processed gas at a rate of 790 mmscf/d is delivered to the Buyers' sales pipeline through delivery point located on the riser platform. The field is developed with the following facilities (as shown in pictures below):

  •  First gas from Cakerawala field through CKA and CKB was achieved in January 2005.
  •  First gas from Bulan field through BLA was achieved in December 2008.
  •  First gas from Bumi field through BMA was achieved in May 2008.
  •  First gas from Suriya field through SYA was achieved in September 2009.
  •  First gas from SYB was achieved in May 2012.
  •  First gas from BMB was achieved in March 2013.
  •  First gas from BLB was achieved in November 2013.
  •  First gas from BMD was achieved in June 2014.
  •  First gas from BLC was achieved in February 2015.
  •  CKX (Booster Compression Project) fabrication commenced in October 2013.
  •  CKX installation was completed in July 2015.
  •  First gas from CKX was achieved in September 2016
  • Blocks B-17 & C-19 and B-17-01

            Muda, Jengka, Tapi, Amarit, Melati, Andalas and Tanjung Fields are located offshore in the Gulf of Thailand approximately 150 km northeast to Kota Bharu, 250 km east of Songkhla province and 350 km north of Kemaman Supply Base (KSB) in water depth of ranging between 55-65 meters in contract area of Block B-17&C-19 in the Joint Development Area.

            As of year end 2018, The field development project consists of thirteen (13) wellhead platforms (Block B-17&C-19: MDA, MDB, MDC, MDD, MDE, MDF, JKA, JKB, TPA and AMA and Block B-17-01: MTA, ADA and TJA), Muda Central Processing Platform (MDPP), Living Quarter Platform (MDLQ), Flare Tripod and Floating Storage Offloading (Ratu Sonkhla FSO). Processed gas with DCQ of 335 mmscfd will be delivered for a period of 10 years and 250 mmscfd for remaining 6 years, which will end on 1st January 2026. The fields are developed with the following facilities as shown in the picture below.

  •  First gas from Block B-17&C-19 commenced in February 2010 through Phase I consisting of MDA, MDB, MDC, MDD and JKA.
  •  First gas from Phase II consisting of MDE and JKB was achieved in 2012.
  •  First gas to TTM EVA pipeline was achieved in April 2015.
  •  Installation of Phase III development platforms consisting of TPA, MDF and AMA was completed in November 2015.
  •  First gas of Phase III is expected in February 2016.
  •  First gas from Block B-17-01 through commissioning of MTA platform in March 2016.
  •  First gas from Phase IV consisting of ADA, TJA and ADB in May 2018.