Objective of

Research Cess Fund

  • Objective of Research Cess Fund is for the purpose of supporting any research and development in the fields of science and technology relating to exploration or exploitation of petroleum or natural resources for the Joint Development Area (JDA). (Regulation 7, Part IV Malaysia Thailand Joint Authority (Payments of Royalty and Other Proceeds from Petroleum Production to the Governments) Regulations 2004.)
  • Research project should be beneficial to the MTJA, PSC Operators, and both countries, Malaysia and Thailand.

Support any research and development in the fields of science and technology relating to exploration or exploitation of petroleum or natural resources

General Guidelines

Utilizing The Fund


Fund to be utilized

for research type of work, fundamental and advance.


Research should

address problems/issues pertaining JDA operations.


Research to be carried out

by Third Parties, i.e. University or Joint Industry effort with priority to local content.


Research to be

managed by MTJA.


Research projects selection and expenditures

for research projects to be approved by MTJA Board.


Eligibility and good track

records of researchers

    Proposal Guidelines
  • Title
  • Proposal Objective
  • Project introduction and background
  • Research project objective and strategy
  • Project details:
    • Work scope and methodology
    • Duration and schedule
    • Work scope and methodology
    • Cost estimate and cost comparison
    • Organization structure
    • Performance track record - past experience, financial, Health-Safety-Environment (HSE) record.
    • Reporting
  • Evaluation & Justification:
    • Technical evaluation
    • Commercial evaluation
    • Work scope and methodology
    • Beneficial to JDA & both Malaysia and Thailand
  • Conclusion and Recommendation

Payment Of Research Cess Fund

  • In accordance to Production Sharing Contract Article 9.1 and 9.2, Research Cess Fund is contributed by "0.5 % of Cost Oil/Gas and Contractor's portion of Profit Oil/Gas payable to MTJA on monthly basis."
  • Research Cess Fund monthly payment by the Contractors is being made once production commenced:

Organization Structure

Project Image

Project team is a support group consist of MTJA, operators and government representatives.

Research Cess Project Council

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MTJA Research Cess Project Council (RPC) was formalized on 20th February 2013 which consist of 10 members. RPC was reorganized and approved at 133rd Board Meeting on 20th March 2021.

Research Cess Project Council - Roles And Responsibility

Research Cess Project Council
  • To study and review research project proposals through independent evaluations.
  • To recommend the most promising project proposals to MTJA Board for final funding decision.
  • To ensure the research project proposal is in line with MTJA research objective.
  • To appoint several research project focal points/coordinators from MTJA and Contractors.
Research Project Coordinators
  • To coordinate the research projects and conduct the preparatory work for the council member to consider.
Technical Evaluator
  • Review each research proposals received by MTJA from Universities focusing on project background, objectives and details (work scope, cost estimate, duration, etc).
  • Evaluate project viability for implementation that benefit JDA, Malaysia and Thailand.
  • Recommend and present the suitable projects to Research Cess Project Council (RPC).
Workflow to

Apply For Research Cess Fund

Research Cess Project Council (RPC)
  • Endorse research project proposal
  • Recommend the proposal to MTJA Board (RPC Meeting is on call basis)
MTJA Board of Directors
  • Approve the research project proposal
  • Propose the budget/cost to MTJA Board (Board Meeting every quarter)
Project Execution / Implementation
  • Project execution by Third Party
  • Project management by Project Coordinators Team
  • Project review and update to MTJA & RPC
  • Project report and update to MTJA Board

Selection & Approval Process

    Research Potential Area / Focus Topic
    # Category Research Area/Topic
    1 Sand Production
    1. Sand production and implication
    2. Reduce the sand production
    3. Sand control equipment
    4. Sand removal
    2 CO2
    1. Separation of CO2 from Natural Gas
    2. New technology of capture or storage
    3. Monetize the CO2
    3 Facilities
    1. Pipeline/Platform Integrity
    2. Asset Integrity Monitoring system/Pipeline inspection
    3. Plant reliability improvement
    4. Optimize the facilities performance and minimize operational problem (ex: Acid gas removal, Separator, Mercury Removal Unit, Dehydration, etc)
    5. Corrosion/Erosion Study
    6. Prolong aging facilities
    4 Power
    1. Alternative/Green Energy for platform
    2. Wave energy
    5 Subsurface/RE
    1. Petrophysics for development
    2. AI for subsurface prediction
    3. Reservoir management
    4. Water Production Handling
    5. Reservoir modeling
    6. Sand prediction
    7. Tectonostratigraphy in JDA
    8. Paleoenvironment in JDA
    6 HSE and Process Safety
    1. Environmental impact assessment of the JDA
    2. Environmental monitoring
    3. Process Safety Management
    4. Hazardous Waste Handling
    5. Health monitoring and assessment
    6. Human Reliability or human factors
    7. Predictive failure rate
    7 Decommissioning
    1. Decommissioning
    2. Decommissioning Cost Estimation
    3. Environmental impact of Decommissioning process
    8 Drilling
    1. Drilling innovation
    2. Cost saving for drilling activities

Project Co-ordinator

Feel free to ask for details, don't save any questions!

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Mr. Thanarat Sungkachart

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Mr. Marahizal Malihan

Research Cess Fund Malaysia - Thailand Joint Authority (MTJA)

  • Address: Suite No. 6-01, 6th Floor, Menara See Hoy Chan, No. 374, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Phone: 603-2172 2222
  • Fax: 603-2172 2223
  • Email: rcf_project@mtja.org

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 9am to 5:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday - Closed

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RCF Projects Awards Ceremony 2023

Signing Ceremony of Research Cess Fund Agreement dated on 24th July 2023.

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