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Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority (MTJA) was established arising from 1979 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and 1990 Agreement on Constitution and Others Matters of MTJA for the Exploitation of the Resources of the Seabed in the Joint Development Area in the Gulf of Thailand.



Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority History

Board Members

The Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority is governed by the board consisting of two Co-Chairmen and twelve Members of Malaysia and Thai nationals, appointed in equal number by the respective Governments.

MTJA Management

Under the MTJA Board, there is a management staff of MTJA comprising equal number of Malaysia and Thai executives in eight positions (CEO, DCEO, Department Managers & Assistant Managers in three departments).

Organization Chart

Organisation arrangement of MTJA and its link to Production Sharing Contractors in the JDA.

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Our 40th Anniversary News